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For argument sake let’s say that you own a successful bed and breakfast in the middle of Idaho. Currently, you rely mainly on word of mouth and repeat customers. You can’t help wondering if creating a website won’t help attract more attention to your little business.

A quick internet search has you rethinking your plans. There are a lot of bed and breakfast’s with web pages. You can’t help but wonder how you could possibly get your webpage noticed.

What is the key to a successful webpage is search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization is the art and science of making your website attractive to the internets search engines. The more attractive your website is the search engines the higher they will rank your little bed and breakfast. The higher your website ranks the more people, hopefully, will check your website out.

The First Step of SEO

The first step towards a successful website is getting it submitted to a search engine.

Search engine submission is the act of getting your website listed with the search engines. Search engine submission can also be referred to as search engine registration.

SEO Budget

One of the next things you want to consider is how much you are willing to spend to submit your website to a search engine. Google and Bing, among others, will eventually find your site but submitting a sitemap inform them you are ready to be found.  The important part is the sitemap.xml.  

I’ll give you a hint. It’s Free. But, if you get it wrong it could hinder your progress for months.

Is it formatted correctly, will it translate into the results you’re looking for, did you leave in administrative links for undesirables to take advantage of?

Hiring an SEO Agency

If you decide to use a search engine optimization company take your time and shop around. Ask questions. Avoid any companies that guarantee instant success, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Try to find a search engine optimization company that will work to build the targeted content of your website. Look for a company that offers interactive features that create documents that will lead web crawlers to your website.

When it comes to the cost of search engine submission and search engine optimization spending less simply means it might take a little longer to realize your goals. The more you are able to spend the faster your website will gain attention.

In Conclusion

Getting a website ready for search engines to list your site for their users is a process that is complex and time-consuming.  It’s always best to hire someone that has experience with references.

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